Vector and animation editor with a HTML5 backend

Design animated banners, movie clips and games.

Add interactivity with JavaScript, TypeScript or Haxe.

Any customizations of the result html/js are allowed.

Write application with your favorite framework (like JQuery).

Use Cordova to support mobile platform - feel yourself free!


Version 1+

  • Open and simple self-descriptive files format (XML)
  • Importing from Adobe Flash Documents (*.fla;*.xfl)
  • Vector graphics (based on edges, polygons and boolean operations)
  • Raster images in the Library and on the Scene (png/jpeg, rasterized svg)
  • Layers: groups, masks, tweens, guides
  • Effects: alpha, brightness, tint, advanced
  • Filters: Adjust Color, Blur, Drop Shadow, Glow
  • Linear and radial gradients, filling with a bitmap
  • Working with text on canvas (web fonts from local files and Google Fonts are supported)
  • Generating HTML on save (CreateJSGenerator plugin)
  • Generating project files for your favorite IDE on save (CreateJSGenerator plugin)
  • CreateJS-based generated code (CreateJSGenerator plugin)
  • Plugin system (Filters, Importers, Exporters, Generators)

Version 2+

Version 3+

  • 3D objects support (rendering via ThreeJS)
  • ThreeJS support by CreateJS generator plugin
  • Blender 3D objects in the library (*.blend)



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nanofl-3.0.5.exe for Windows XP+

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