NanoFL command-line

Normal mode

In normal mode IDE starts as usual and support interactions with user after command-line arguments processing. Don't use this in batch processing due to some limits (not support relative file paths, process can exit without waiting real IDE closing, exit code may be wrong).

NanoFL.exe <options>

Batch mode

Use next command to run NanoFL in batch mode (advantages: waiting for exit, correct exit code and relative paths support):

nanoflc.exe <options>


Options sequence is important: NanoFL process options consecutive from the first to the last. Next options are supported:


# import Flash document and save as NanoFL document
nanoflc.exe c:\myflash\myflash.xfl -export c:\mynanofl\

# load NanoFL document and export as PNG image
nanoflc.exe c:\mynanofl\ -export c:\myimage.png